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Telgiahi Orland Camp

Tootekood: Orlandcamp
Kaubamärk: Orland
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
799,00 €
Kogus: - +
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Tegemist telgiahi Orland "suurema vennaga". Orland Camp omab kõiki Orland telgiahju omadusi, kuid on mõõtmetelt suurem. Suurem pinnalaotus eraldab rohkem soojust, mistõttu seda tüüpi telki soovitame kasutada suuremates telkides.


Ahju tüüp Glamping
Võimsus 3kW
Suitsutoru väljaviik tagant
Kõrgus 40cm (15-3/4")
Pikkus 30cm
Laius 35cm (13-3/4")
Suitsutoru läbimõõt 8 cm (3-1/6")
Kaal (kg / lbs) 37.4 / 82.3
Pakendi mõõtmed (1) (cm) 55x42x40
Pakendi mõõtmed (2) (cm) 52x27x27

Toote koostisosad:

  • Orland Camp Stove
  • 4pc Skamolex firebrick liner
  • Flue pipe set
  • Wood hinged transport case 
  • Sibley Base, which lowers the stove from 62cm (24.5") to 52cm (20.5") and allows you to use it through a mesh window, without having to cut through the canvas of your tent!

The flue pipe set contains:

  • 3x 50 m (1.6') flue pipe with a diameter of 8cm (3.15")
  • Insulated pipe
  • Elbow flue section
  • Flue support
  • 1 clamp
  • Guy ropes and pegs

Note: The pipe storage bag as depicted in the manual is not included.

If you asked Google “What is the best wood burning tent stove?”; you’ve found it here.  The Orland stove is the premier portable wood burning camp stove for luxury glamping, extreme cold, and long-term use.  The Orland Camp Stove has a larger firebox than the smaller Orland Tent Stove; meaning it puts out more heat, and holds more wood so you need to refuel less often. 

A CanvasCamp exclusive, the Orland Camp Stove is packed with features to maximize efficiency, performance, and style. Handmade in Denmark.  The features of the Orland make it safe and easy to use even for people with little tent stove experience.  Three sides of tempered glass allow you to enjoy the light of a campfire fire right inside your tent. 

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